When a person expresses a positive interest in joining the MSC Sisters, and has established a regular contact with the Vocation Directress, she becomes known as a candidate; whilst continuing her contact with the congregation, she remains living at her home. The Candidacy is a time when the candidates in responding personally and freely to God's call experience life in community of the MSC Sisters. During this time they grow in their Christian values and experience of inter-personal relationship in the community life.




The Pre-novitiate is a time of discerning and clarifying one's vocation and of deepening one's Christian life.The main emphasis in this stage is on the development of the human person. It facilitates a process ofself-knowledge and mutual knowledge between the person in formation and our MSC Community. Accompanied by an MSC Sister, the postulant becomes aware of the various ministries of the congregation, is gradually introduced to our charism and spirituality, and discovers, together with the community, her suitability for further incorporation into our congregation. This stage can have various phases. Before entrance into the novitiate, she must have an experience of community living.



The Novitiate is a time when the novice's vocation takes root and her call to a missionary life is discerned. It is a time for her personal relationship with God to be  intensified and the knowledge and the experience of religious life as MSC to be deepened. The Novitiate is composed of two phases: the canonical and the apostolic phase. The main emphasis is on the development of the spiritual, community and congregational d imensions. In the second phase the novice is guided tointegrate the apostolic dimension of religious life with community life and hergrowing relationship with God.




A sister makes a Profession of Vows for one year which is renewed annually during the time of Temporary Profession. The profession is temporary to allow the sister and the congregation to continue discerning and confirming  the sister’s vocation and call as the MSC charism and spirituality are deepened within the sister and her sense of belonging to the congregation is strengthened. It is a period of preparation and active participation in the mission of the congregation and of incorporation into the community. Emphasis is given to on-going discernment and the integration of prayer life, community life and missionary commitment. Towards the end of the time of  temporary profession, a special period of preparation for final profession of vows is provided.

When the period of Temporary Professions is completed, a decision is reached by the sister and the congregation regarding her full incorporation into the congregation. The sister then makes Final Profession of Vows, a life commitment as a Missionary Sister of the Sacred Heart.



The members of MSC Congregation are to be given the formation they need to live a meaningful religious life and to be able to undertake with others the work of the MSC Congregation according to the needs of the Church in a particular area.



Dispositions of Christ are the pattern for our spiritual life.
If we live according to them, they will bring our life into conformity with His Heart.

- Fr. H. Linckens -