Founder of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Hiltrup):
Father Hubert Linckens, MSC (1861-1922) founded the Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in 1900.  He gave them the spirit of his own congregation, the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Hubert Linckens grew up in the Dutch province of Limburg. At an early age he desired to be a priest and missionary. In 1875 he joined the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart in Issoudun (France). It was never his aim to found a new congregation. In answer to political pressure he became the founder of the "Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Hiltrup)." He was admired for his supernatural attitude, his dedication to the Congregation and his unselfishness. It was obvious to all that his life was in harmony with the Gospel. He often quoted the Scriptures. He was a true and zealous MSC and loved his congregation. Father Linckens had special organizational abilities. Always careful to fulfil God's will, he handled concrete situations with consistency, far-sightedness and loyalty.
 • 1861 Born in Wylre (Netherlands)
• 1886 Priestly Ordination in 's-Hertogenbosch
• 1897 Foundation of the German Province of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart in Hiltrup
• 1900 Foundation of the Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Hiltrup)
• 1922 Died in Hiltrup (Germany)
  Father Jules Chevalier, MSC (1824-1907)
founded the Society of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Issoudun (France) in 1854. He gave it a missionary orientation.  Jules Chevalier came from a family of craftsmen. His father was a baker. He himself trained as a shoemaker. From his youth he felt the desire to bring God's merciful love to the world. He was convinced of his mission: the founding of a congregation of missionary priests, based on the Sacred Heart devotion. Jules Chevalier was a man of action, but, we have to recognize the spiritual strength, from which his works grew. Above all he had a serene and composed faith and a calm security. He was convinced, that God was with him in all happenings and he was sure of his call, to accomplish a very special work. This was the foundation of his spiritual life. His personality was marked not only by loyalty, generosity straightforwardness, but also by modesty a deep piety' and the readiness to devote himself wholeheartedly to whatever his call to the priesthood entailed.
 • 1824 Born in Richelieu (France)
• 1851 Priestly ordination in Bourges 
• 1854 Chaplain in Issoudun
• 1854 Foundation of the Congregation of the Sacred Heart Missionaries
• 1874 Foundation of the Congregation of the Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
• 1907 Died in lssoudun (France) 

Chevalier Family

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The Chevalier Family draws together those women and men who live the Spirituality of the Heart and feel themselves animated by the charism of Father Chevalier. Those belonging to this family are: the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, the Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart, and the Laity of the Chevalier Family.




    Missionary Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, MSC Sisters (Since 1900)
MSC Sisters are the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart founded in Hiltrup, Germany in 1900 by Fr. Hubert Linckens, msc for the purpose of sending missionaries to the South Pacific. The MSC sisters draw their spiritual inspiration and heritage from Fr. Jules Chevalier, msc who founded his own congregation, the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart and the Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart. The Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart grew rapidly as a congregation and from Germany the sisters were sent out to serve and make known God’s love in many countries.  
Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, FDNSC Sisters (Since 1875)
FDNSC Sisters also known as the Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart were founded in 1875 in France by Fr. Jules Chevalier, msc. His intention was to form a group of women under the guidance and protection of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart who with the same spirit and charism of his congregation could work side by side with the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart in mission.  
  Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, MSC Priests and Brothers (Since 1854)
MSC Priests and Brothers are known as the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart. Founded in France in 1854 by Fr. Jules Chevalier, a diocesan priest at the time, they experienced many challenges in their early history.  Over the years they have worked collaboratively with the FDNSC and MSC sisters in various missions.    
Laity of the Chevalier Family
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Laity of the Chevalier Family are men and women who have been drawn to the Spirituality of the Heart, the spirit and charism of Jules Chevalier, msc. Formed in this spirituality, they commit themselves to deepen their relationship with God and to witness God’s love in their lives and in every encounter. They are closely united with and share in the mission of the MSC men, MSC sisters and FDNSC sisters truly forming one Chevalier Family.

Cor Novum

Cor Novum (Latin; 'New Heart') in Issoudun - France, is an international spirituality center with a threefold purpose:

  • To engage in research and writing regarding our charism and mission.
  • To offer programmes of various kinds in Issoudun; programmes designed for the spiritual and ministerial formation of the religious members of the three Congregations and the Laity of the Chevalier Family and, countries of the Chevalier Family throughout the world. The international team is composed of members of the Congregations. 
  • To enable the team members of the centre to participate and respond to invitations to take part in courses, retreats and meetings happening in the different.


"We have to know, love and accept the love of the heart of Jesus. That will give it everything it lacks."

- Fr. Chevalier -  


One expression of the common charism and mission of the Chevalier Family are regular meetings and collaboration between the Tri-Generalate which is the General Leadership Teams of the three Congregations – the MSC Priests and Brothers, FDNSC Sisters, and the  MSC Sisters. They have regular contact and dialogue with the coordinating group of the Laity of the Chevalier Family. Since 1983 the leadership teams meet regularly as the Tri-Generalate for mutual support, collaboration in mission and for discussion of common issues concerning the whole Chevalier Family. 
20190417 Tri Gen
To be the Heart of God in the World!
- Fr. H. Linckens -




When a person expresses a positive interest in joining the MSC Sisters, and has established a regular contact with the Vocation Directress, she becomes known as a candidate; whilst continuing her contact with the congregation, she remains living at her home. The Candidacy is a time when the candidates in responding personally and freely to God's call experience life in community of the MSC Sisters. During this time they grow in their Christian values and experience of inter-personal relationship in the community life.




The Pre-novitiate is a time of discerning and clarifying one's vocation and of deepening one's Christian life.The main emphasis in this stage is on the development of the human person. It facilitates a process ofself-knowledge and mutual knowledge between the person in formation and our MSC Community. Accompanied by an MSC Sister, the postulant becomes aware of the various ministries of the congregation, is gradually introduced to our charism and spirituality, and discovers, together with the community, her suitability for further incorporation into our congregation. This stage can have various phases. Before entrance into the novitiate, she must have an experience of community living.



The Novitiate is a time when the novice's vocation takes root and her call to a missionary life is discerned. It is a time for her personal relationship with God to be  intensified and the knowledge and the experience of religious life as MSC to be deepened. The Novitiate is composed of two phases: the canonical and the apostolic phase. The main emphasis is on the development of the spiritual, community and congregational d imensions. In the second phase the novice is guided tointegrate the apostolic dimension of religious life with community life and hergrowing relationship with God.




A sister makes a Profession of Vows for one year which is renewed annually during the time of Temporary Profession. The profession is temporary to allow the sister and the congregation to continue discerning and confirming  the sister’s vocation and call as the MSC charism and spirituality are deepened within the sister and her sense of belonging to the congregation is strengthened. It is a period of preparation and active participation in the mission of the congregation and of incorporation into the community. Emphasis is given to on-going discernment and the integration of prayer life, community life and missionary commitment. Towards the end of the time of  temporary profession, a special period of preparation for final profession of vows is provided.

When the period of Temporary Professions is completed, a decision is reached by the sister and the congregation regarding her full incorporation into the congregation. The sister then makes Final Profession of Vows, a life commitment as a Missionary Sister of the Sacred Heart.



The members of MSC Congregation are to be given the formation they need to live a meaningful religious life and to be able to undertake with others the work of the MSC Congregation according to the needs of the Church in a particular area.



Dispositions of Christ are the pattern for our spiritual life.
If we live according to them, they will bring our life into conformity with His Heart.

- Fr. H. Linckens -

Spirituality of the Heart ...more

The Spirituality of the Heart for the MSC draws its inspiration from the experience of the MSC Founders and their life centeredness on the Heart of Christ. Inspired by the Founders, the MSCs strive to make the sentiments of the Heart of Jesus their own. God's love is the center of the Spirituality of the Heart; namely, the love of the Father for all humanity as revealed in the Heart of Christ, the Incarnate Word of the Father: " The Heart of Jesus is God's love, God himself Incarnate. God is love." The pierced heart of Christ on the cross (Jn 19:34, 37) reveals to us how much God loves us (1 Jn 4:9, 10).  
Since God has loved us first we are bound to love one another. To respond to God's love is not only that we should love God, but rather that we should love one another (1 Jn 4:11).  The sign and proof of our love for God is our love for one another (1 Jn 4:20-21). In the first epistle of St. John, like in the letter of St. Paul to the Romans (Rom 5:8), it is stressed that God loved us first (1 Jn 4:10, 19), and showed this love in sending his Son into the world, so that we might have life (1 Jn 4:9). "In this is love, not that we loved God but that he loved us and sent his Son to be atoning sacrifice for our sins. Since God loved us so much, we also ought to love one another" (1 Jn 4:10-11). Thus the MSC Founders understood that God's divine love is the basis for loving our neighbours. 
As emphasized in Perfectae Caritatis (Vatican Council II):
They who make profession of the evangelical counsels should seek and love above all else God who has first loved us (cf. 1 Jn 4:10). In all circumstances they should take care to foster a life hidden with Christ in God (cf. Col 3:3), which is the source and stimulus of love of the neighbor.  (PC 6).
Fr. Chevalier experienced the depth of God's love revealed in Jesus Christ and his own limitation in responding to this love. Therefore, he emphasized the need of conversion in our lives. Every person is invited to a change of heart, to a new heart and to believe in God's merciful love. Jesus Christ urges us to change our life. Return into yourself, He tells us through His prophet. "Sinners, return to your heart." (Is 46:8) We should make ourselves a new heart by changing our sentiments. "Make yourself a new heart." (Ez 18:31).   Based on this text of Fr. Chevalier, the MSC sisters find inspiration in the word of St. Augustine in his Confessions: "Return to your own heart and abide in Him that made you."  It is a confirmation of the need to encounter God in one's own heart, to experience God's love within one's own life. In this sense, a Spirituality of the Heart is a way of speaking symbolically about one's inner-life and its relationship with one's outer-life.   For the MSC, the interior life of Christ penetrates the depths of one's heart and challenges us to live and love as Christ did. For that reason, Fr. Linckens has emphasized that the dispositions of Christ are the pattern for our spiritual life.
Fr. Eugene Cuskelly, a former Superior General of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, summarizes the meaning of the Spirituality of the Heart as follows:     
•We have to go down to the depths of our own soul in a realization of our profound personal needs
of life, of love and of meaning;
• We must find through faith and reflection, the answer to our own questioning in the Heart of
Christ, in the depths of his personality, where man's yearning and God's graciousness meet
in redemptive incarnation;
  • Then, fashioned by these forces, our own heart will be an understanding heart, open to, feeling for, and giving to our brothers and sisters in Christ;
  • We will not be disheartened, or discouraged in the face of difficulties.
  • We follow Christ who "loved with a human heart" as Vatican II reminds us:
“He shared our humanness that we might know that over us all is the everlasting love of God.
In God's good time, the omnipotent love of God will have its way. It is this love in which we have learned to believe."
The Spirituality of the Heart, therefore, begins with the discovery of the depth of our own hearts. It presents to us the Heart of Christ as the ultimate answer to our deepest yearnings. It calls us to a conversion, to a change of heart, to open our hearts to be molded after His Heart. The Spirituality of the Heart, then, challenges us not to be disheartened in the face of difficulties because Christ has already given the ultimate answer to all our difficulties.   
In a similar manner, Vatican Council II has emphasized to the Church that:
“Every one of us needs a change of heart; we must set our gaze on the whole world....  The Church, however, living in the midst of these anxieties, even as it makes these statements, has not lost hope. The Church intends to propose to our age over and over again, in season and out of season, the apostle's message: ‘Behold, now is the acceptable time’ for a change of heart; ‘behold, now is the day of salvation’.” (Gaudium et Spes 82). The Spirituality of the Heart, then, leads us to change our relationships with others. It leads us to listen to the heart of the world. It leads us necessarily to action because "the love of Christ urges us" (2 Cor 5:14).

About Us

We are called to personally experience God's unconditional and merciful love, revealed in Jesus Christ. Inspired by this love, we live out a "Spirituality of the Heart", a way of looking upon the compassionate Jesus of the Gospel, who loved us with a human heart. Our mission is to make this love known, especially among the suffering, the needy and those whose rights are disregarded. (Constitutions No. 7)


“Our mission is nourished and sustained by our personal experience of God's compassion.”(Constitutions No. 54)   This compassion when experienced, interiorly recognized and deepened through our own inner silence and scripture reflections, enables us to go forward into mission wherever we are - renewed, re-energized and sustained by God’s presence . . .  “ a power working within us that can do infinitely more than we can ever ask or imagine.” (Eph.3:16ff)   "Prayer becomes all-powerful when united with the sentiments of Jesus'  Heart, and when we imitate the example he gave us."     - Fr. J. Chevalier -


We live out our consecration in and through our community united by the same faith, the same vocation and the same mission. (Constitutions No. 47) The MSC Sisters are challenged to respect and cherish the richness that flows from differences in culture and to strive for unity in diversity.  While respecting the diversity of gifts and individual personalities, mutual love and trust unite the MSC Sisters in the service of one mission, empowering one another to make a fruitful contribution to the mission of the Church in today's world.




   The internationality of our Congregation is a gift, a richness lived out concretely in our provinces and districts with a        variety of cultures and traditions.

  Genadmin180.jpg    GENERAL ADMINISTRATION 

The present Congregational Leadership Team was elected at the 17th General Chapter for a period of six-years 2014-2020. The Generalate is in Sutri, Italy where a small permanent community is also resident. The members of the Congregational Administration Team are: Congregational Leader: Sr. Barbara Winkler;  Councilors: Sr. Bonaventura Kim; Sr. Nicola Sprenger, Sr. Juana Valera; and General Treasurer: Sr.Blanca Modino. (Photo: Members of the Generalate community.)

NEW FOUNDATIONS                                              

Since the very beginning of the congregation, the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart have been faithful to the spirit of their founder, Fr. Hubert Linckens, MSC who reminded them that “For this Heart you are in the midst of the world.”  The MSC sisters have ventured beyond their borders to new countries where they began new missions in response to the needs of the time. Even today new beginnings and foundations are being undertaken in the midst of the declining resources.



  1. Charism 
  2. Spirituality of the Heart
  3. Missionary Spirituality
  4. Our Lady of the Sacred Heart


In 1854, Fr. Jules Chevalier, MSC, our spiritual founder, was inspired by God's personal unconditional love for us as revealed by Jesus. In the Heart of Jesus he found the answers to the deep questions about life's meaning. As Jesus was sent to reveal God's love, so we MSC sisters as a congregation are on fire to let the whole world know how much we are loved by God. 
Through our founder, Fr. Hubert Linckens, MSC we as a Congregation received and proclaim the same charism:  Being graced by the love of Christ, we the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart are called to respond to His Love and to make His Love present to everyone!
We are called to respond to the evils of the times and seek to identify their causes. In the light of the Gospel, we respond to the needs of our day and assume the risks of this challenge. This vision of God is our charism….our gift....our mission.
Spirituality of the Heart    
The Spirituality of the Heart for the MSC sister draws its inspiration from the experience of the MSC Founders and their life centeredness on the Heart of Christ. Inspired by the Founders, the MSC sisters strive to make the sentiments of the Heart of Jesus their own. God’s love is the center of the Spirituality of the Heart; namely, the love of the Father for all humanity as revealed in the Heart of Christ, the Incarnate Word of the Father: “The heart of Jesus is God’s love, God himself Incarnate. God is love.” The pierced heart of Christ on the cross (Jn 19:34, 37) reveals to us how much God loves us (1 Jn 4:9, 10).
Missionary Spirituality
From its very beginning the MSC Congregation has been motivated by a missionary spirit. It was based on Fr. Chevalier’s personal experience of God’s love for humankind as fully revealed in the Heart of Christ. This is articulated in the Constitutions which state that: “We are called and sent into the world to make known the love and kindness of God our Father, revealed in Jesus Christ, and to give our lives in service to His people.” The MSCs are called to manifest the Heart of God on earth. 
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart
The MSC sisters honour Mary in a very special way as they look to Mary as “Our Lady of the Sacred Heart,” a title which comes from Fr. Chevalier’s meditation on the role of Mary in salvation history. From the beginning he thought of Mary’s heart having a special connection with Heart of Christ. In reflecting on a title for Mary, however, he went well beyond a connection between her and a Congregation dedicated to the Sacred Heart.  Around the year1857, he worked to have Mary acknowledged and honoured under the title of ‘Our Lady of the Sacred Heart.’

Prayer to Our Lady of the Sacred Heart 
Remember, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, the great things, the Lord has done for you.
He chose you for his mother. He wanted you close to his cross.
He gives you a share in his glory. He listens to your prayer.
Offer him our prayers of praise and thanksgiving; present our petitions to him.
Let us live like you in the love of your Son, that his kingdom may come.
Lead all people to the source of living water that flows from his Heart,
spreading over the world hope and salvation, justice and peace.
See our trust in you; answer our prayer.
Show yourself always our mother.   


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The Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus are called to serve the needs of all; especially the suffering, the needy and those whose rights are disregarded in the society. "As Christ was sent into the world by the Father, so we are sent by the Church to serve especially the suffering, the needy and those whose rights are disregarded... (Constitutions No. 7)
Parish Pastoral Ministry
Following the tradition of our Congregation and the call of the Church, we proclaim God's love in our ministry among those who do not yet know Christ and His Church. (Constitutions No. 9)  As MSC Sisters, we are involved in pastoral care in diverse settings.  We can be found doing ministry in Parishes and Dioceses.
We serve as teachers in Primary and Secondary Schools and are involved in catechesis and religious education. 
Health and Aged Care 
Our sisters provide a variety of services to the spiritually, physically, and mentally disadvantaged. We are present in clinics, nursing and aged care homes, hospitals and other healing ministries.
Social Work                   
We are called and sent into the world to make known the love and kindness of God our Father, revealed in Jesus Christ, and to give our lives in service to His people. (Constitutions No. 3)
Special Ministries                                                                                      
Sisters are engaged in ministry to migrants, handicapped and special needs’ persons, unwed mothers, disadvantaged women, abandoned or neglected children and the elderly, people on the move (circus ministry), those contemplating suicide and those needing counseling and/or spiritual support.
We, the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart, are called to be sent as Jesus was sent.
Do you want to be a Missionary of the Sacred Heart?

Who We Are

The Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus (of Hiltrup) is an international congregation of women
known as MSC sisters who consecrate their lives to God and to the service of God's people in the different countries.  
To make known the love and kindness of God our Father, revealed in Jesus Christ is the charism and spirit of the Congregation.
Their motto is "May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be loved everywhere”!
Founded over 100 years ago by Fr. Hubert Linckens, MSC in Germany in response to a call and need for missionaries to serve in the South Pacific,
the MSC sisters were formed in the Spirituality of the Heart inspired by Jules Chevalier, MSC, their spiritual founder.  From simple beginnings,
the Congregation grew and expanded in the early 1900s to other countries.  Over the years, the MSC sisters in response to the needs of the times
have continued to begin new missions.

Where We Are

MSC Sisters in the World

 world MSC presences 2021

We are an international missionary congregation of religious women working in different countries: Angola, Australia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Germany, Guatemala, India, Italy, Kiribati, Korea, Marshall Islands, Mexico, Namibia, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Philippines, Romania, Spain, U.S.A. 
Hence, we are sent for missionary work in the fullest sense of the word: in ourselves, at home and abroad, in developed countries . . .
in any place where we are or where obedience may call us.
- Fr. Hubert Linckens -



Divine Providence made use of human agents and the political situation in the South Sea Islands to call forth the foundation of the Missionary Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. Thus, Rev. Hubert Linckens, MSC was commissioned by the founder of his society, the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, to establish a congregation of Sisters who would share the charism and spirituality of their founder, Fr. Jules Chevalier. The initial purpose of the foundation was to provide German Sisters to work in the mission island area of Papua New Guinea which, at that time, were newly acquired colonies under the German Government. The colonial government was requesting sisters to be sent to the missions. The sisters themselves were eager to go. They were continuously declaring their readiness to travel to the South Pacific.


The First Missioning to the South Pacific

In 1902, only two years after their foundation on March 25, 1900, the first missionaries left for their assignment in the Marshall Islands and New Pomerania, part of present-day Papua New Guinea. The first mission appointments were announced on the second Easter day, March 31, 1902. Five sisters were called to travel to the Marshall Islands and seven sisters were sent to New Pomerania. On July 17, 1902 they received their mission crosses at a special Mass. In the autumn of 1903 a further ten sisters prepared for the journey across the ocean. Father Hubert Linckens himself accompanied the group. Life in the tropics was very difficult; however, no hardships were able to dampen their zeal and enthusiasm for God's work among the people. The First World War caused the expulsion of all Missionary Sisters from the Marshall Islands in 1919. After a five month grueling journey via Japan and Belgium, they arrived home.

Change of Leadership: The Community Becomes "Self-governing"

While Father Linckens was visiting the South Pacific, Mother Servatia, a sister of Divine Providence who assisted Fr. Linckens in the early foundation of the congregation, died in Hiltrup (April 6, 1904), at only 43 years of age. He was deeply affected by her death and his plans for the continuation of the young community seem shattered. Deciding that the community should now govern itself, Fr. Linckens chose Sister Franziska Fleige to become the first general superior of the MSC sisters. Being in charge of the mission station in Vunapope, she was able to gather as much missionary experience as possible and thus prepare herself for the great responsibilities ahead. She left her position in the South Pacific and returned to Hiltrup. On March 9, 1906, she was installed as the first General Superior and an official council was chosen. She took her final vows shortly before her investiture. At the time of the installation of the first general council the revised constitutions of the congregation were approved for a period of ten years.


The Congregation’s Expansion and Martyrdom of MSC Sisters

On August 13, 1904, an event took place that would have a profound effect on the young foundation. In a matter of minutes, 2 MSC Fathers, 3 Brothers and 5 Sisters were brutally killed by the Natives of Baining in Papua New Guinea. The news of the murders worked its way through the German press. Instead of being put off, many young women now believed they had the calling and felt encouraged to put their lives into missionary service. More women joined the order than could be sent as missionaries to the South Pacific.
The process of growth and establishment was constant. The Congregation kept expanding into other countries and developing its ministries in education, health care, and pastoral work. An increase of young women who wished to serve as missionaries allowed the small congregation to reach out in its efforts to the United States in 1908 where the sisters worked among the immigrants, mainly in parishes and parish schools. In 1927 German MSC Sisters started in Australia, offering their service to local needs and giving support to the missionaries in PNG, especially for their healthcare and ongoing formation. For over 75 years, the Australian MSC Sisters gave generous help in personnel and financial support to the PNG mission.
From 1932-1952 German MSC Sisters and MSC Fathers started a mission in China, which they had to let go of in 1952 because of the political situation in China. Just before the Second World War, a group of Sisters were sent to Peru. The government had requested 100 Sisters for staffing the new workers' hospitals in Peru. This number was never reached. Nevertheless, the mission developed and Sisters worked in healthcare, education and pastoral work among the poor in urban and rural areas. In 1954 the General Administration, which had been since its foundation in Hiltrup-Münster, was transferred to Rome, Italy. The foundation in Spain (1963) had as one of its objectives to foster further religious vocations for Latin America.  In Spain itself, education had been the main focus of our Sisters’ ministries.

The Congregation after Second Vatican Council

The celebration of the Second Vatican Council had a great impact on the renewal of the Congregation, on a deeper understanding of the identity of MSC Sisters in the Church and on new missionary efforts. During this period new foundations began in Asia. The Congregation was asked to receive and prepare young Korean women who did their formation program in Germany. In 1965 the first community of sisters began in Korea. Also from India, young women joined the congregation and were prepared in Germany. They  started their own projects in India in 1976. Other foundations followed in the Dominican Republic (1985), El Salvador (1989), Mexico (1993), and Guatemala (1995) and these were initiated by the sisters in Peru, Spain and the USA. In these areas the sisters worked in pastoral care, healthcare and education, promoting social justice in areas of conflicts and violence. In 1992 in Rumania, an MSC community began in response to needed assistance of women religious requested by the German Catholic Church and particularly, Caritas. Another project in the Philippines (1994) was initiated to set up a house of studies for Sisters from different countries, mainly from Korea and PNG. This project developed into a house of studies and formation for our MSC sisters and today the community has a significant outreach in the areas of  health, education and pastoral ministry.


The Congregation's Second Century Begins

In 2000 the Congregation celebrated its first centennial and in 2004, the 100th anniversary of the martyrdom of our MSC Sisters and Fathers in PNG.  These were significant moments of encouragement for the young MSC Sisters in different countries to reach out - as our foundational charism challenges us - to areas of great need within and outside their countries of origin. The community in Kiribati began in 2005 by Sisters from the PNG Province and in August 2006, four Sisters from Peru, Guatemala and Korea began a new mission foundation in Paraguay.  MSC sisters in 2009 returned to the Marshall Islands and in 2014, Namibia (Africa) sent their first MSC missionaries to minister in Angola.


For this heart you are in the midst of the world.

We have experienced God's love and are called to share it through our being, and our actions, in all circumstances, at all times.
–  H. Linckens –