JPIC Actions for September 2020

We pray for all leaders that may strive to ensure the fundamental right to health care.

Por los líderes que toman decisiones que afectan a la salud y al bienestar de los demás, para que se esfuercen por garantizar el derecho fundamental a la atención sanitaria.

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JPIC Actions for August 2020

Awareness of the prevalence and consequences of domestic violence.

La toma de conciencia de la incidencia y las consecuencias de la violencia doméstica.

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Day of Worldwide Solidarity & Prayer

We, Missionary Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus will join this call of our time.

March 22: Day of Worldwide Solidarity and Prayer

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General Chapter 2020 - Postponed!

The 2020 General Chapter, a congregational gathering of our MSC leaders and elected members from the various provinces and district will take place in Nemi, Rome in June 2020.

The theme from our 2019 General Conference in Manila was chosen as the General Chapter theme “Afire for God’s Mission in Today’s World”. 

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