• JPIC Actions for September 2021

    JPIC Actions for September 2021

    May we become instruments of a new creation, founded on the covenant of your love.   Que seamos instrumentos de una nueva creación, fundada en la alianza de tu amor. Read More
  • JPIC Actions for August 2021

    JPIC Actions for August 2021

    Lord, grant us the wisdom to care for the earth and till it. Señor, concédenos la sabiduría para cuidar la tierra y cultivarla. Read More
  • JPIC Actions for July 2021

    JPIC Actions for July 2021

    God's mercy is unconditional, says Pope Francis (LS 71) La misericordia de Dios es incondicional, dice el Papa Francisco (LS 71) Read More
  • JPIC Actions for June 2021

    JPIC Actions for June 2021

    Move our hearts to care for Your creation in honour of you.                  Mueve nuestros corazones para cuidar de tu creación en honor a Ti. Read More
  • The Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus (of Hiltrup) is an international congregation of women known as MSC sisters who consecrate their lives to
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    Who We Are

  •  VOCATION PROMOTION: When a person expresses a positive interest in joining the MSC Sisters, and has established a regular contact with the Vocation Directress, she becomes known as a candidate;
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  • Beginnings Divine Providence made use of human agents and the political situation in the South Sea Islands to call forth the foundation of the Missionary Sisters of the Most Sacred
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  • Living in community, the MSC sisters share life and support one other in mission. In the early history of the congregation, many sisters left their homeland to begin new MSC
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    Community Life

  • The 2020 General Chapter, a congregational gathering of our MSC leaders and elected members from the various provinces and district will take place in Nemi, Rome in June 2020. The
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    General Chapter

  • JPIC Actions 2020 JPIC (Justice, Peace and Integrity  of Creation)   Our spiritual founder, Fr. Jules Chevalier, MSC was convinced that devotion to the Sacred Heart was the remedy for
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  • School in a Hindu Area – Bellary, India: In Bellary, a town located north of Bangalore, the MSC sisters are living among and interacting with Hindu people to promote better understanding between
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  •   Sharing our Charism and Mission:     The vision of Fr. Jules Chevalier, to make the Sacred Heart known and loved everywhere led him to a deep desire to form
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